The IDA offers Formation services and Commercial Auto and Liability Insurance for Independent Operators

Experts in the Bread and Snack Delivery Industry

With nationwide presence and over 25 years of specialization, we have the staff, the experience and the knowledge to provide an array of services to the Independent Route Owner.

Christina U., Peets and Voortman - Richmond, CA

It’s so nice to work with a company that caters to the independent distributor. IDA customer service is awesome and everyone is helpful and attentive. With the amount of coverage we now have – plus the amount we’re going to save – it’s great!

EIN and Business Formation Services

Whether you are just getting started and are required to form an LLC or S Corporation, or you have been asked to provide compliant insurance for your route, IDA will deliver industry expertise, efficiencies and cost effectiveness in a single source solution.

Tom M., Gulf Coast Master Wholesaler - Jefferson City, MO

If you are an IO you have to treat like a business, not just getting a paycheck from an employer. That’s one of the reasons we like IDA and their all-in-one solution. They have it all under one roof.

Commercial Insurance for IOs

The Independent Distributor Alliance represents the largest network of Independent Distributors in the United States. As the leading expert in Limited Legal,  Commercial Auto, and General Liability Insurance, Expense Tracking, Route Listings and More, we provide seamless solutions – packaged or à la carte – to independent business owners seeking to acquire, manage and grow their route business.

Pete P., Kellogg Company - Phoenix, AZ

IDA services and programs are amazing. I recommend them for great coverage and phenomenal savings. The coverage was more than I was expecting, and it cost less!

Route Re-engineering Projects

We have proven processes to streamline your next route re-engineering, including on-site driver consults, simple, web-based enrollment, and the highest record of business formation and compliance accuracy in the industry.

Re-Engineering Solutions for Zone Managers and District Managers
Rev. Jim J., Snyder Lance - York, SC

IDA meets all of our needs as IBOs. They have a plan in place to help you. Setting us up can be a lot of legwork, but they have all their ducks in a row.