Snyder’s-Lance California Route Re-engineering Project

Every company strives to help their customers.

As you work together with your customer – helping them to manage the demands of their business – you build a dependable and consistently high level of service, support and attention to detail that becomes a cornerstone of the lasting relationship that you build. And when your customer is experiencing pain, great companies step up to help remedy that situation quickly and effectively.

When Snyder’s-Lance in California needed assistance with a route re-engineering project, they knew from their prior experience that the IDA would know exactly what to do in order to be that Value Added Partner.

The main issue, as described by senior management of Snyder’s-Lance Distribution, has historically been the extremely detailed and time-consuming filing process that the Individual Operator needs to wade through in order to legally conform to the requirements of the State and the Company in the conversion or formation process. The process can be daunting for the invdividual and this oftentimes contributes to errors and a resulting backlog and delay.

And with a “go live” date quickly approaching, much of the work to have this process completed would need to be done in a period of six weeks.

That was the pain. Here was the cure.

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The Route Engineering and Management team at Snyder’s-Lance in Hanover, PA met with the IDA team in mid-April, and we coordinated a cohesive plan of action to assist where most needed. This would ensure that the IBO and Brand had everything needed on time and in one place in order to complete the process efficiently and effectively.

To support the in field aspect of the plan, the IDA team committed to spend a week at the various Snyder’s-Lance distribution facilities, meeting with the individual IBO’s and offering our services. In preparation for these meeting opportunities, landing pages were created specifically for the Snyder’s-Lance redistribution to make the order process much easier. In addition, the IDA brochure was reworked, along with a Snyder’s-Lance specific Sell Sheet detailing the Enhanced IDA Membership and the special package offer for the IBOs. And all the landing pages and literature had English and Spanish versions.

These materials were sent ahead to management in both the North and South CA Zones for their use with their meetings with their IBOs. The materials were distributed with the information provided to the individual IBO at their initial as well as follow-up meetings. The goal was to explain the process and procedure and to let the individual owner know that the IDA had been engaged to assist them in the process – a value add for them. The IBO was provided with directions for them to contact us directly by phone or on our website landing page.

IDA management kept regular contact with the North and South CA Zone and District Managers and with this ongoing communication and coordination we were able to stay abreast of progress of the re-engineering effort. In addition, the IDA was also able to introduce the process and bring the DSM up to speed quickly in the use of the newly created website and entry form.

After three weeks of this preliminary work, the tactical components were in place and ready to go.

Route re-engineering for major brands

In the final step of the support effort, IDA personnel were onsite for consecutive weeks – first in the San Francisco Bay area, and then in Los Angeles and San Diego to provide in person and on site assistance.

Each location provided outstanding opportunities for our team to be face-to-face with current and new customers.

The work done in the previous weeks, and coordinated efforts with the Snyder’s-Lance ZSMs, prepared their DSMs to work with us, and to help the IBOs using our website. This team coordination had the desired result and the IBO was able to move quickly through the process with the necessary documents processed quickly and correctly.

The message was clear – IDA was available to help and just a phone call away.

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