Formation services for Independent Route Owners

Corporate bylaws are a corporation’s operational blueprint.

  • By-laws outline the structure of a corporation, and they should be customized for each individual company’s situation.
  • By-laws set forth the rights and powers of shareholders, directors, and officers they determine how those in charge are nominated or elected
  • They also help settle any disputes among parties that may arise
  • Finally, a corporation’s by-laws must be formally adopted and amended as necessary
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Bylaws set the ground rules

The content of corporate bylaws varies, but typically includes the time and place for meetings of officers, set up of officers and any other provisions deemed necessary.

There should be job descriptions for the officers (i.e., president, vice president, treasurer).

The same goes for any committees; there should be clear direction about the composition of committees and their role in the organization.

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Business Formation Services for Independent Route Owners

Bylaws provide Continuity

The by-laws should discuss meetings and define whether they will be annual, quarterly or at some other pre-set time.

The by-laws must also lay out the time and place of the meetings, attendance requirements and how many board members are needed for a quorum (the number of directors needed to vote on a decision).

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Formation services for Independent Route Owners

Conflict of Interest

It is important that a corporation has a Conflict of Interest Provision in its by-laws.

This protects the corporation from Internal Revenue Service (IRS) penalties, which may occur if the IRS finds the corporation is providing unfair benefits to directors, members, or others.

For example, a director should not be allowed to vote on a matter in which that director may have a direct financial interest.