Membership = Protection

When you join the IDA, you’ll be working with a team of experienced business formation and commercial insurance professionals that specialize in the needs of the DSD or Independent Operator in the Bread & Snack industry. That’s our core industry and function – we understand your needs and the needs of your industry and we can help!

Whether you’re a new route owner in need of formation help and compliant insurance for your Brand, or you have been in the business for years and need help switching from a sole proprietorship to an LLC or are just looking for lower insurance rates with better coverage – the IDA is your solution!

For just $39/year, you get…

  • Insurance plans designed specifically for Independent Operators, with guaranteed compliance.
  • $3000 in rental reimbursement coverage and $250 in roadside assistance/towing per incident standard with every insurance policy – an IDA exclusive!
  • Commercial auto rates averaging 30% lower than our competitors.
  • Fast quotes for compliant insurance… usually 15 minutes or less.
  • Immediate binding of your insurance policy with NO DEPOSIT REQUIREMENTS.
  • A simple, worry-free process for incorporating, plus a $60 discount on the incorporation fees. Save money!
  • Simplifying your life. We’ll acquire your Articles and EIN # and generate an operating agreement if necessary, monitor the process and communicate compliance to you and any affiliated companies, such as your contracted brand(s).
  • Working with specialists who know your industry inside and out and who care about you. Relax.