The IDA Ensures Your IOs Stay Compliant

The IDA guides prospective IO’s through your compliance requirements, ensuring they are ready to move forward with their route acquisition on your timeline.

We understand that this is one of your biggest challenges. Let our experienced team be your Compliance Specialist on call.

The IDA’s focus on the Snack and Bread Truck Delivery industry provides your team with a single source of expedited, legal formation processing, and a suite of insurance products including commercial auto and general liability, designed specifically for the independent route owner.

Compliance for Independent Route Owners
Rev. Jim J., Snyder Lance - York, SC

IDA meets all of our needs as IBOs. They have a plan in place to help you. Setting us up can be a lot of legwork, but they have all their ducks in a row.

Focused on the Needs of Independent Route Owners

Across the country and across the industry, more and more IBO’s are benefitting from the IDA’s laser focus on keeping them on the road and compliant.

Our industry-leading turnaround time and compliant insurance solutions specifically designed for IBOs, give Zone Managers and District Managers the partner you need to streamline your next route re-engineering project, or get your next driver on the road.

Christina U., Peets and Voortman - Richmond, CA

It’s so nice to work with a company that caters to the independent distributor. IDA customer service is awesome and everyone is helpful and attentive. With the amount of coverage we now have – plus the amount we’re going to save – it’s great!

What we do for Compliance Executives and their Prospective Independent Owners

1. Complete the formation/incorporation process
2. Secure the Employee Identification Number (EIN)
3. Generate the Operating Agreement
4. Provide Compliant Commercial Auto and General Liability Insurance
5. Communicate real time updates to IBO’s and managers

Once complete, we communicate the IBO’s compliance documents to the DSM’s/ZSM’s and to the appropriate corporate stakeholders.

The IDA is a one stop solution for everything needed to help move the IO through the route sale process effectively and efficiently.

We take pride in knowing that we are simplifying the IBO’s life and YOURS!!!

Call today at 877 819 7819 (hit #1 for Sales)!  We look forward to meeting and working with you soon.