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Independent Distributor Alliance
Independent Distributor Alliance
Independent Distributor Alliance
Independent Distributor Alliance

Health, Life, and Disability

Major Medical Insurance

The IDA has partnered with several individual, major medical-insurance providers to offer comprehensive benefit options to distributors and their families. Options include varying deductible levels, office visits, prescription drug coverage subject to affordable co-pays, generous wellness coverage, and an unlimited lifetime benefit maximum. These plans are medically underwritten and not all distributors may qualify.

Limited Medical Insurance

Two lower cost, guaranteed issue, limited medical options are available without a required health questionnaire. Benefits include first-dollar coverage for office visits, in-patient care, and more. Both options feature a prescription-drug benefit including co-pays for generic and brand name drugs.

Independent distributors and their families may see any licensed doctor or facility for care, or may enhance their benefits through a national network of doctors and hospitals.

Dental and Vision Insurance

See any dentist of your choice and receive valuable benefits for preventive, diagnostic, and major dental services including routine exams, fillings, extractions, oral surgery, crowns, bridges, and dentures.

Save on retail prices for eye exams and eyewear with our vision insurance. Policyholders can receive annual eye exams for co-pay prices, and can purchase lenses, frames, or contacts with generous annual allowances.

Income Protection: Accident and Disability

In the event you have become unable to work due to injury or sickness, protect your income through our coverage, which includes options both on and off the job. Benefit pays directly to you for up to 12 months, and includes income protection up to $2,000 per month if you become completely disabled due to sickness or accident.

Life Insurance

You can purchase up to $100,000 of term life insurance and secure the financial future of your family – no medical questions required. For your spouse, purchase up to half the amount you purchase on yourself and secure up to $10,000 of life insurance on each dependent child. 

Supplemental Insurance

Select from several supplemental products that serve to reduce the out-of-pocket exposure- related or emergency-related claims. 

Independent Distributor Alliance

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Independent Distributor Alliance Independent Distributor Alliance


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